Rise of Worldwide Violence Caused by Manspreading

San Diego, California – The IRVASC (institute of research on  violence, arguments, sulk and conflicts) has issued a warning, begging men all over the world to stop manspreading urgently.

“A recent study has proven scientifically that every time a man manspread, an angel dies”, Georgina Collins, researcher at the IRVASC, explains. “Two if the manspreading occurs in any public transport. Every year, 252 billions angels die. There won’t be any left by 2022 if men don’t start closing their legs. This is really worrying”.

The loss of all these angels has already started to have terrifying consequences and it inevitably will get worse if things don’t change.

“We can see an augmentation of murders, road rage and international conflicts. The decrease of angels has had more impact on Donald Trump’s election than Russian’s fake news. If the situation gets any worse, we can expect kittens to attack us like an army of hooligans on crack” says Georgina.

“The angels are the guardian of peace on earth and we should do everything possible to save them from extermination. We are hoping to make the hashtag #realmendontspread trending to raise awareness”