Man Wakes up From Coma Thinking he is The Daily Mail Online

Devonshire, United Kingdom – Rowan Hudtchkinson, 36, is living a nightmare since he woke up from coma, 7 months ago, thinking that he was the Daily Mail Online.

“At first, nobody noticed anything. But the day after I woke up, I suddenly started to blame the migrants for my accident, even though I knew I was drunk and alone when I drove my car into a tree. I just couldn’t help myself”, says Rowan.

“We thought I was just a bit shocked but it got worse. I was warning my family and the nurses about dangers that didn’t exist. I was making them quite nervous. It was a really hard time as we didn’t know what was happening. I had different tests done but the doctors couldn’t find anything. We just assumed I would go back to my normal self quite fast”

But Rowan would soon discover it wasn’t the case.

“After a few weeks, I began to say provocative things, just to get negative comments from the people I was talking to. There wasn’t any low I wasn’t prepared to go to have  as many people as possible looking at me.”

Rowan tried to keep on having a normal life, going to work and meeting with his friends as he did before the accident.

“It didn’t go well. I was stating the price of people’s house when I was mentioning their name. I was making it up, obviously, I do not know how much people’s house is worth, but I had to do it. My family tried to be supportive, but I was yelling “look who is showcasing her curves”,  “Flaunting your figure, heh?” to every woman I saw in the street. It was very embarrassing for them”

After months of this ordeal, Rowan stumbled upon an article about a man who woke up from Coma speaking Mandarin. “I just knew that I had to go see the specialist who treated him, Dr. Zhang. He was a bit surprised at first, as he had never seen a case like mine, but he just put the pieces of the puzzle together and finally diagnosed me. I am Rowan Hudtchkinson and I believe I am the Daily Mail Online”.


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