It’s Bring Your Child to Work Day at Doritos Headquarters

Plano, Texas – Taking a break from the controversy surrounding their “lady friendly’ crisps, Doritos’ directors have brought their children to work today. They offered them a visit of the headquarters and showed them what their work is about.

“It’s fun, one day of the year, to take our kids with us”, Randall Parker, one of the directors says. “We bring the children to the meeting caves were we have our great ideas. Then, we show them how we come up with new flavours. We even let them pick the things from the floors themselves for the next ones. I can’t say too much about next year’s flavours but I hope that you do love cod and apricot”.

After a long day watching their parents working hard, Doritos employee’s children help hunting their dinner then eat it while listening to the stories the CEO is telling.

“It’s the children’s favourite part every year”, Randall says. “They love to hunt the mammoth with their little spears. They then cook it around the fire and listen to the stories. Some of them are scary and some others are meant to teach them the brand’s values. The camp fire is the perfect time to share that passion with the next generation. The children also paint what they have learned that day on the wall of a cave. This is some great bonding time for everyone”.