Most of American Politicians Believe They Are WWE Actors

Washington – It has emerged last week that 83% of the people working for the American government believed that they were WWE actors. In an attempt to fix the problem, the government has announced today that classes for every employee of local, state and federal government will take place soon.

“Some people at the White House started to be suspicious after realising President Trump hadn’t really work one day since his inauguration in January 2017. The fact that he was wearing leotards and a mask every Monday evening also raised questions. But we humoured him for some months, hoping he would settle and start working”, the statement issued reads.

“Last week, we received an internal email from President Trump demanding that we called him “El agarrador de Coños de New York”. An emergency meeting was immediately scheduled during which we have been able to learn that Donald Trump didn’t realise he wasn’t in a WWE plot”.

A national inquiry was soon launched and the results were frightening.

“We found out that 83% of people working for a government body thought that they were “pretend politicians”. It is mortifying for our country but we will work hard at correcting the situation”.

Classes will start to take place in November this year and should run until the end of 2017.

“Every person working for a governmental institution, at any level, will have the opportunity to learn about the position they are occupying and the responsibilities it involves. We have good hopes that by January 2018, most of the employees will be working, for real this time”.