Being President Turned Man Into the Most Massive Jerk

Spartanburg, South Carolina – Since he has been named Indorcorp corporation’s new President in January last year, Finn McWooly has acted like a massive jerk and managed to make everybody at work hate him.

“He acts like such a child”, Julian, one of the firm’s employees, says. “He makes a big entrance every morning and yells “who’s the bested President this company has ever had?”. We then have to answer that it’s him or he gets really stroppy. It’s a nightmare”.

The person who is suffering the most because of Finn is Lila, the women who was also expected to become President of Indorcorp Corporation.

“Every morning, he goes into Lila’s office and rub his promotion in her face”, Julian explains. “He still mentions her in every email he sends to the team. It’s been 13 months, it’s embarrassing at this point! The only people who like him are working in the IT team. It’s just because he promised to buy them a ping-pong table. We know he’s never going to do it but they do believe him”.

The fact that Finn’s celebrates every little achievement like he just won a 6 years long battle is also irritating the firm’s employees.

“He takes credit for everything that happens”, Julian continues. “Even if he has nothing to do with it. But if he does a mistake, he denies that it’s his fault. When he doesn’t pretend it didn’t happen at all. I’m not sure if becoming President turned him into a massive jerk or if he was one before and it just made it worse. But he’s going to ruin the whole company with his antics and there’s nothing we can do to stop him!”