Grown Man Licking a Lollipop is First Source of Stress at Work

Charlotte, North Carolina – A study in Enjoying Your Career Magazine has revealed this month the biggest source of stress in the workplace for Americans. More than 13 000 people were questioned. For the majority, seeing a grown man licking a giant lollipop is what makes life the hardest at work.

“I can totally relate to that”, Fabian, an accountant in Denver, says. “There was a guy who was working at the desk just in front of mine last year. He used to have what he called his “10 o’clock Lollipock”. It was disturbing to have to watch him lick his giant lollipop everyday. I was trying so hard to look somewhere else. But it was right in front of my face. I was so stressed. The day he left his job was the happiest of my career!”

Hillary Compad is the woman behind the study. She has also discovered other sources of stress at work.

“People who yodel their opinion during an argument comes third”, Hillary explains. “The second source of stress after a grown man licking a lollipop is having a manager who talks to you using a sock puppet. Those things are hard to fight as they are not illegal in themselves. You can’t really consider it as bullying either unless it is done on purpose. Which is rarely the case”.