D-Money Furmidable Will be the Face on New $ 20 bills

Forth Worth, Texas – It is official, D-Money Furmidable will be the face on the new American $ 20 bills from June 2018. Indeed, the cat who became an internet sensation in 2017 has won the votes of more than 23 000 people, ending up first in front of more than 307 candidates.

“We are so proud of him”, Kathia Millis, the cat’s owner, says. “He is our beautiful boy. We are happy that the country loves him as much as we do. His permanent half smile could have been a handicap but it turns out to be his strength. His face on the bills will give hope to everybody who needs to be reminded that everything is possible. Don’t ever stop dreaming”.

Bruce Krookle, the Treasury Department employee in charge of the contest is just not as excited as D-Money Furmidable’s owner about his victory.

“I guess it’s our fault for allowing people to enter their own contestants”, Bruce says. “We were hoping that people would name Emily Dickinson, Thomas Edison, Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong or Amelia Earhart. We’ve ended up with Snooki, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and internet cats. A lot of them. I think the saddest part of it all is that D-Money Furmidable was probably the best candidate in the whole list, the one representing American values the most. We’ll never allow people to vote to choose who’s face goes on a new bill again. But since the cat won the votes, I guess we do not have no other choice than to put his damn face on the new $ 20 bills for this time”.