Famous One Note Keyboard Player Joins Coldplay on Tour

San Francisco, California – Warren Noix, the world’s most famous one note keyboard player, has announced this morning that he will join Coldplay’s next tour.

“I heard him play in London., he was so amazing”, Chris Martin, Coldplay’s frontman, says. “We were looking for a single note instrument player to join us for a special solo during “Fix you”. Warren is perfect, he brings deep emotions that a single note tuba or triangle player couldn’t bring. We can’t wait to start touring with him”.

Warren has been a single note player since 1983 and a many notes player since 1953. He discovered his talent by accident.

“I was a basic keyboard player for a group I was touring with”, Warren explains. “One night, I had had one too many vodka and couldn’t remember anything. I decided to just repeatedly press one note through the whole concert. People loved it, they thought it was such a bold decision. I never went back to play more than one note and have no regrets. It might seem easy but it actually is really hard work to be able to make people feel emotions with only one note. In fact, you have to use your whole body and have a presence to compensate. You have to feel the note. You have to be the note.”