Man Apologizes for “Women Gored for Trump” T-shirts

Baltimore, Maryland – Buck Ainsword was particularly proud of his latest idea. The 32 years old fast food worker had decided to troll the American Heart Association #GoRedForWomen day by creating a Women GoRed for Trump T-shirt to entertain his friends and family.

“I like to do jokes and troll liberals”, Buck explains. “That’s why I thought the Go Red For Women day would be the perfect occasion! So I had a few “Women #GoRed For Trump” T-shirts made. I thought it was a funny little joke, nothing more. Of course, I sent one to all my friends and family. I couldn’t wait to see their reaction”.

Unfortunately for Buck, things didn’t go as planned and the picture of one of his friends wearing the T-shirt on Instagram went viral.

“I wasn’t really paying attention when I made the T-shirts”, Buck admits. “The T-shirts read “WOMEN #GORED FOR TRUMP”. It’s a font mistake, it’s hardly my fault! Now everybody believes that I am a feminist. Democrats are contacting me to know if they can buy my t-shirts. I am the biggest supporter of Donald Trump. Really, I have never been so ashamed in my whole life. I am not sure what I can do now, except go into hiding for some time. Sincerely, I apologize. I guess grammar does matter after all!”