I Am The White Nelson Mandela Says Logan Paul

Los Angeles, California – Logan Paul is the tool who created a social media storm earlier this year. But he wants the world to know he is more than that!

In January, he posted on Youtube the video of a suicide victim’s body filmed while he was travelling in Japan. Today, he broke his month long silence for the first time since his apology a few days after deleting the poor taste video.

“This has been the hardest time of my life” Logan Paul says. “Everybody hates me. I had to stay home and hide. It was like being in prison, in solitary confinement. It is so unfair! Yes, I went too far but I did not commit any crime, I was just trying to raise awareness of suicide. I am the White American Nelson Mandela of 2018”.

Logan Paul will need time to recover from the criticism. But he insists that he has a strong mind and is determined to make this into a learning experience.

“I am going to turn this terrible experience into something positive”, Logan explains. “I am not going to be an arrogant tool anymore, I am done doing outrageous things. The new Logan is not going to say any more stupid or ignorant things. From now on, I am going to teach others my newfound wisdom. I am going to make my bro Nelson Mandela proud”.