Creative Police Officer Shot Hostage’s Childhood Friend

Montville, Connecticut – Henry Fletchers has left his colleagues and superiors really confused today. Indeed, the 37 years old police officer managed to trace and shoot a hostage’s childhood friend in less than an hour.

“We are actually kind of amazed”, Sally Giles, a police spokeswoman, says. “This is the most far-fetched victim of police blunder in our department’s history. All we know so far is that someone called to report a hostage situation. Less than an hour later, the childhood friend had been shot in the leg. We have no idea how the officer found the victim’s name, who their childhood friend was and where they were living so fast. But we are really impressed!”

Trying to figure out how to deal with this case, the police officer’s superiors have decided to take a week to think about it all.

“We really need to see all the aspects of this case”, one of the officer’s superior says. “We are still deciding if we will prosecute him or give him some kind of award for being so creative and thinking outside of the box. You can’t deny that he made a great investigative job! Obviously, he shot someone innocent, we can’t forget that. But they are expected to make a full recovery so this is not the worst case scenario. We’ll sleep on it. We’ll decide next week”.