Woman Checks Noise in Trunk. She’ll Never Forget What Happened Next

Bealeton, Virginia – Last year, Phoebe Rascad was in her car, on her way back from work, when she heard a noise coming from the trunk of her car. Feeling scared, the 26 years old pharmacist knew she had to check what was causing the noise. She’ll never forget what happened after.

“I was going back home, from work”, Phoebe recalls. “My daughter was in the back of the car. She is the one who asked me what the noise in the trunk was. It wasn’t loud at first. But she was right, there was some sort of humming/banging coming from the back. I didn’t want to go see but I knew I had to. So I parked the car and went to check. I was so terrified, I opened the trunk very slowly. That’s when I saw what was causing the noise. I just stood there, staring at it in silence for a minute. I couldn’t believe it. This is something I will never forget”.

Gavin, Phoebe’s husband, still remembers how shocked his wife was when she called him to tell him what she just saw.

“Her voice was shaking”, Gavin says. “Phoebe is normally really brave but she was so shocked. I had a hard time believing her, I must say. It has been 10 months now and she still talks about it. I think she will never forget what was in that trunk. I can understand it, you don’t see it every day”.