Lick Your Feet Challenge Already Raised $0 for DFGW Research

Oakbrook, Kentucky – Each year has its own challenge to raise awareness about something. It seems like 2018 will be the year of the “Lick Your Feet for DFGW”.  Indeed, since last week, the challenge is spreading fast on social media.

Patrick Brimson is the man who created it in hope to raise money and awareness for DFGW.

“I felt like nobody ever talked about it”, Patrick says. “I thought I could do something similar to the ice bucket challenge, that raised awareness for that thing, what was it called again? Anyway, I wanted to create my own challenge. Asking people to lick their own feet seemed like something funny that would appeal to many. It’s simple, you lick your feet and you choose 3 people. They then have the choice between doing the same and ignoring your dare to pay money to the DFGW research. And that’s it”.

Louis Gravis is one of the latest people who did the challenge, he didn’t want to miss an opportunity to help.

“I am not sure what DFGW is but I wanted to raise awareness of it anyway”, he says. “I have no idea how filming myself licking my feet and posting it on Twitter will raise money for the research either. But I am happy to help, any way I can”.