Fighting Back Tears, Girl Watches Lady Gaga Fighting Back Tears

New York – Serena Portland, 16, just watched Lady Gaga latest interview this morning. Fighting back tears, the teenagers expresses her admiration for the eccentric singer.

“I love her”, Serena says. “She is so real! She never pretends to be someone she isn’t. Nor does she ever hide what she feels. In the interview I just watched, she was talking about meeting one of her fans. The girl was so excited, she almost cried. It makes me emotional to see Lady Gaga caring so much about her fans”.

Fighting back tears while watching Lady Gaga fight back tears remembering a fan who was fighting back tears when she met her, Serena continues.

“The most beautiful part of the story is that the fan was there with her beloved elderly grandmother”, Serena explains. “Seeing Lady Gaga fighting back tears remembering the grandmother who was fighting back tears because her granddaughter was fighting back tears made me so happy, I had to fight back tears.

Serena’s mother, wondering what was going on and wanting to know why her daughter looked so emotional came into her room to check if everything was alright.

“I told her the whole story”, Serena says, still fighting back tears. “I could see Mom was fighting back tears while listening to me. It was a strong moment”.