Regis Potter Launches Racist Comments Classes

Manchester, United Kingdom – Regis Potter, feeling lonely when he spent his days blaming Muslims for everything in Yahoo News comments, has officially launched a “Racist Comments” class.

“The principle is is simple”, Regis says. “I teach the students how to target every news article and leave a racist comment. There is no such thing as too far stretched. My aim is to have racist comments under every article on Internet. The more people read racist comments, the truer they become”.

Marvon Heanster, one of the students, doesn’t regret the £500 he spent on the course.

“It taught me so much”, Marvon says. “I started to apply what I had learned as soon as I got home. I already commented on 200 articles after only a few days. It is so easy once you know how to do it”.

Even though every racist comment feels great and helps reduce his aggressiveness problem, one specific comment holds a special place in Marvon’s heart.

“You never forget your first time”, he says. “Mine was a comment on a news article about co-sleeping. I wrote that muslims sleep with babies. Of course, it was based on nothing and I totally ignored the scandals in the Catholic Church and numerous cases of whites pedophiles. I was having such a rush of adrenaline, my fingers were running on the keyboard. Pressing enter was the best feeling ever. It makes me a bit sad that there won’t be another first one ever. But it’s OK, I will get creative and more heinous to compensate”.