Oprah Winfrey Denies Being Mother Nature

Montecito, California – Oprah Winfrey, the powerful media mogul, has always been admired and praised by millions of people. She has now been forced to deny being Mother Nature after the hashtag #Oprahmakestheweather spread in the last  few days on social media.

“I have heard a rumor that I am Mother Nature was trending on Twitter this week”, Oprah says in a laughter. “Not so long ago, people wanted me to be the next President of the United States. Now they think I am Mother Nature. That is really funny and entertaining. I am flattered but it is just me, Oprah Winfrey. I do not have magic powers or a special  status”.

Taking an umbrella with her as she has a gut feeling there will be a sudden downpour, even though the sky is cloudless and blue, Oprah winks and continues.

“Of course, I am not Mother Nature”, she says. “But I am touched by how powerful people think I am. Well, let me tell you, there is a little bit of Oprah in all of you. You all have the power to become President of the United States or to change the climate. Or to be anything you want. You just need to put in yourself the same trust you put in me. And watch out for that strong wind in Ohio next Sunday”.