“Why I Don’t Care Why You Left Starbucks” is 2017 Most Viewed Video

San Bruno, California – Youtube has finally released its 2017 results and the least you can say is that it’s really surprising. Last year most viewed video isn’t a family vlogging, a beauty adept or a uncomfortably stupid douchebro travelling. The most popular upload on the platform is a ranting video posted by Thomas Gesson, 21 called ‘Why I Don’t Care Why You Left Starbucks”

“The idea to film that video came to me in a quite simple way”, Thomas explains. “I was watching videos on Youtube when I saw a recommendation. It was titled “Why I left Starbucks”. Now, I told to myself “whuuuut? Why would anybody care about that?”. So I made a video about it. And that’s it”.

Thomas had never planned to become a professional Youtuber. But since his video went viral, it became harder for him to resist the temptation.

“I am planning to do a why I don’t care series!”, Thomas says. “Why I don’t care what’s in your bag?”, “Why I don’t care what you had for your birthday”… The possibilities are endless and it would allow me to call out people for their vanity and need for attention while giving my fans what they like. It’s a win-win for everybody”.