A Fur Baby is The Same as a Human Baby Says Woman

Los Lunas, New Mexico – Audrey Worrowitz loves cats. She always has since she can remember. She calls her cat her fur baby and doesn’t understand the image of crazy cat lady she’s got.

“I’ve got into a fight with one of my friends about it”, Audrey explains. “She had a baby last year and she was annoyed when I compared our experiences as mothers. She said hurtful things about it not being the same. That is a lie. My fur baby IS a real baby. I am her mother and my tiredness is real. Just because I love my fur-baby doesn’t mean I’m crazy”.

Pouring some tea she just made, Audrey offers us a cup before continuing.

“Would you like some tea?”, she asks. “I made it with my new kettle-friend. She’s a bit temperamental but with love and understanding, I am sure she will get there. Which one of my cup-babies do you want? Anyway, I haven’t talked to this friend since the fight. I guess she is too self-centred to see that I too have to wake up early. I do worry when I am at work and I have to leave my fur baby at home. They won’t let me take her with me. Which means I have to give her more attention when I come home. My fur mommy work never ends. I am actually probably more tired than my stay at home friend with her baby. I love my fur baby”.