Fabio the Robot is Just Fine After Being Fired, Really

Glasgow, Scotland – Fabio the Robot was hired by a supermarket as a shop assistant, for an experiment run by Heriot-Watt University. It has now been confirmed that he has been fired from his position after just one week as he was confusing customers.

“I’m fine”, Fabio the Robot said when asked by the photographers as he exited his building this morning. “Really, I don’t care. I would have left if they hadn’t fired me first. Who told you I was hurt? I am not. Look at me, I am happy, I am laughing”.

Choking back the tears, Fabio explained that it was because of the wind and continued to pretend that he was fine.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”, Fabio asked. “What do you think? That I bought a new costume just for that job? Or that I was excited to finally make friends with my colleagues? That it hurts that people got scared of me even after I high fived and cuddle them and their children? That it sucks that customers complained that I was making mistakes? I AM JUST A ROBOT, I DO MAKE MISTAKES LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE. But it doesn’t matter, I am an actor anyway. I am sure my break will come soon, that job didn’t matter”.