Pregnant Mommy Blogger Just Hates Everyone Right Now

Prineville, Oregon – Fifi Newron, 26, is a Mommy Blogger. A Youtuber. An Instagrammer. Finding out she was pregnant brought her so much hope to boost her career. Unfortunately, the now 6 months pregnant mother-to-be is devastated about the way she looks.

“That pregnancy was going to launch my career”, Fifi says. “I had planned to post beautiful pictures of me. Looking thin, perfect and smug. You know, I was supposed to write motivational captions. “Every woman looks beautiful when pregnant” or some sort of motivational shit I don’t mean. I don’t deserve what happens to me”.

Indeed, even though she is kinda happy to have a baby, Fifi hadn’t plan that her body would not react to pregnancy the way she wanted.

“I have cellulitis and stretch marks”, FIfi explains. “My legs are swelled because of water retention… That is not what I had planned. I definitely can’t post any picture of me or monetize my pregnancy. I can’t write a blog posts about pregnant woman accepting their body as it is while rubbing my perfection into the face of women who look like cows. It sucks. I am a mommy blogger. This is my job. Why does it have to happen to me? Those suckers were supposed to envy me and idolize me, not feel better because I look worse than them”.