Media People Are not Meant To Say the Truth, Jemele Hill apologizes

Bristol, Connecticut – Jemele Hill is leaving SportsCenter to join Undefeated. The journalist is still reminded daily of the anti-Trump tweets she posted last year.

“Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists”, Jemele tweeted last September. She also called Donald Trump “the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime”.

She has today apologized again, hoping to finally forget about it and move on.

“As a person working in television, I should have known better than to be honest”, Jemele says. “Even though I used my personal Twitter account. I still represent the channel I work for. I had no right to say the truth. Or point out the obvious. This is not what television and media are about about. I understand it now and won’t make the same mistake again”.

Jemele Hill also explains that she now realizes that her freedom of speech stops where the President of the United States’ freedom to never be criticized starts.

“Donald Trump is our a President”, Jemele continues. “A man who loves the Blacks. I shouldn’t have called him racist or white supremacist because he wants to ban muslims. Or because he called Mexican migrants drug dealers and rapist. Saying he grabs women by the pussy doesn’t make him offensive. And who am I to say that not knowing that he is the President of the Virgin Islands makes him ignorant? I do apologize once again for my tweets”.