Devin Knows Which Real Friend Will Share His Facebook Posts

Phoenix, Arizona – Devin Clarckson, 23, does not take lightly his friends sharing his Facebook posts. The student always makes sure that all his friends know that he is watching them and their reaction. He is judging them and ready to shame them publicly.

“I know exactly who my friends are and who is brave enough to share this post on their wall”, Devin writes at the end of all of his Facebook rants, whether it’s about friendship, cancer or being accepting of your Bronies friends.

“Actually, I spend half an hour going through my Facebook friends list before I post one of those messages. I write two lists. One for the people who will share/like/comment and one for those who won’t. I take it very seriously!”, Devin explains.

Even though he can’t be sure if adding that he knows who his real friends are at the end of his posts actually changes anything, Devin isn’t too worried about how his friends respond to the public emotional blackmail.

“It’s very subtle, you know”, Devin explains. “I am sure that nobody realises I am trying to manipulate them into sharing my Facebook posts! Also, I don’t lie. My list is always right. I guess every single time who will share my post. So technically, I am stating a fact, not pushing people to agree with me”.