“We’re Almost Done Putting You Out of Work” Amazon Celebrates

Seattle, Washington – Amazon has opened today the first Amazon Go store. The store without tills is the next step in Amazon’s fight against people earning a salary.

“Delivering our products using drones proved to be really successful”, Vincent Camagari, one of Amazon’s Director. “Nobody protested and drones deliver the goods just as bad as humans! We have great hopes to put at least 22 000 people out of work just by getting rid of the delivery agents working for us. We might even be able to convince other businesses to replace people with drones”.

Excited by the results they got with the implementation of one simple idea, Amazon CEO and Directors have now decided to go one step further.

“The system is simple”, Vincent explains. “Shoppers only need their phone and an account with us with valid credit card information. They go through the shop, put what they want to buy in a bag and leave. That’s it, you shopped. We plan to open 27 thousand shops without a till in the next 5 years. This should allow us to make more than 200 thousands people become jobless. Obviously, our shops will create news jobs, but nothing compared to the jobs suppressed by technologies replacing humans. It is all so exciting!”