Teenage Girl Ostracized After She Forgot Her Phone Home

Wilmington, Delaware – Olivia Twickenpick, 14, had literally the worst day ever today! Indeed, the teenage girl forgot her phone home and had to go through the whole day at school feeling naked and vulnerable.

“I was a little bit late this morning, so I ran to the car thinking that my phone was in my bag”, Olivia says. “Once in the car, I tried to find it but it wasn’t there. I normally always have my phone in my hand all the time so it never happened before. As soon as I realised, I begged my mom to go back and get it but she had a meeting and didn’t have time. I was horrified. How was I going to survive the whole day at school?”.

Olivia’s friends, trying to be supportive, accepted to put their phones away while they were having a conversation with their unfortunate friend.

“It was too weird, we had to stop”, Olivia explains. “We are not used to have to look at each other while we are talking. It was fun to see what the others look like without Instagram filters. But after 5 minutes, it felt uncomfortable. We didn’t know what to talk about either. I’m happy my friends tried but I couldn’t do that to them”.

The rest of the day was not any better for the teenage girl.

“I had to listen in class”, she sobs. “While walking in the corridors, I had nothing to hold. Everybody was laughing at me. I tried to hold a calculator I had borrowed but it wasn’t the same. It actually made things worst. I ended up hiding in the toilets all day. It was too awful. I don’t want to go back tomorrow”.