Kimberley is So Proud to Raise Cancer Awareness on Facebook

Hagerstown, Maryland – Kimberley, 32, is enjoying that warm feeling inside her chest. That one you only get when you have raise cancer awareness.

“Last year, I posted on Facebook a cryptic message, then sent a private message to all my female friends to explain it wasn’t ture and ask them to share a cryptic message too”, Kimberley explains. “It’s so funny and original. This year, I pretended that I was pregnant with triplets for five days. I am sure a lot of people get to learn about cancer this way. It’s so useful! Of course, I could post a status to talk directly about cancer. I could ask people if they remembered to make a donation. But how would that raise cancer awareness more than a secret private message sent only to women talking about the colour of their underwear?”.

Jarvis Barrowitch, researcher at the National Center for Cancer Research, confirms that those posts are really useful and help the cancer research.

“They aren’t only used to get attention or showing off holier than thou behaviours”, Jarvis says. “Very few people know about cancer. Every time someone has their awareness raised with a private message asking them to share their favourite sexual position on their Facebook wall, our vital energy is uplifted. It gives us the magic powers we need to fight cancer. Thank you Facebook posters everywhere, keep up the hard work, we are almost there!”.