PR Firm Double Their Yearly Income by Selling Apologies packs

Standish, Michigan – Bowmans & Fitzer, a Public Relations Agency has doubled their yearly income last year. They have been saved from bankruptcy by a simple idea : selling apologies pack.

“People have to apologize about everything these days”, Tanner Bowmans says. “The increase of offended people on social medias has led to the increase of apologies. We have had the idea to create apologies packs. Everybody can find what they need. From the most unknown to the most famous person. The packs vary depending on which one you buy. There is the basic one with the first apology on Twitter and the Facebook apology. People can buy the website homepage apology, the second apology on  Twitter after the first one was deemed not sincere enough and finally, the vocal apology, separately”.

Bowmans & Fitzer have conducted a year long study to find out which words would make their client sound as honest as possible.

“Each one of our packs include at least three empty of sense words that will have everyone think you actually have thought about it”, Tanner says. “I would never do this on purpose, I have utter respect for, I will learn from this experience… That kind of BS. Obviously, we make sure the apology is personalised to what the client is apologising for. We have had so many high profile recently. But also people who expressed their political views on Social Media. We are planning our yearly income to double or triple this year. Twitter Drama definitely saved our business”.