Idaho Finally Makes Rap Battles on Ostriches Illegal

Pocatello, Idaho – Peta is celebrating today a huge victory! Indeed, the state has finally decided to make rap battles on ostriches illegal, after the American animal rights organization fought with them for 13 years.

“Ostriches deserve to live a free life”, Petuny Morvis, an animal right activist, says. “It was one of our hardest fight though, as rap battle on Ostriches is a tradition dating back to the civil war in 1862, when soldiers training in the north started it to entertain themselves during the long evenings. This is why it was so hard to change people’s mentality. But we did it!”

Brooth Hallington, Idaho’s Rap Battles on Ostriches’ current champion is outraged by the State’s decision to forbid his passion. Brooth has been rapping on the majestic animals since he was 14 years old and can’t imagine doing anything else.

“I can’t believe my career is over”, Brooth says. “We could do it on horses I guess, but it won’t be the same. It doesn’t have the same historic value. We are treating Ostriches really well. Like friends or family. That we climb on to fight one other with words. There wasn’t a need to forbid our sport completely! What are we gonna do with out Saturday evening now?”