Designer Had No Idea “Yellow, How Eye You” on Asian Boy Was Racist

new York – Jurgen Buttleschtog, designer at Etch and Hen, has issued this morning a statement to apologize after last week’s scandal. The message comes after one of the brand’s sweaters he created for the brand latest collection, worn by an Asian boy, received backlash.

“I want to reiterate our sincerest apologies in mine and Etch and Hen’s name”, Jurgen wrote on Facebook. “At no point did we intend to be racist in any way, this is against everything we do believe. Now that 102 000 people pointed it out on Twitter, I can see how advertising an Asian boy wearing a sweater with “Yellow, How Eye you” written on it, with an eyelidless eye, might have been a bad idea”.

The sweater had been through 17 different phases of approbation during the process of its creation. People’s reaction to the advert came as an utter shock for everyone in the company.

“The sweater was approved by 102 people between the moment the designer had the idea and the moment it was advertised”, Robin Frok, a spokeswoman for the brand, says. “No one said anything about the slogan being racist. They are professional people, you would thing one of them, any of them, would have noticed something and said it. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and it led to the fiasco we know. We will learn from our mistakes”.