Man Tried His Best at Being a White Supremacist

Chadron, Nebraska – Tobias Hunkelbee, 31, had decided to try something different for the New Year. Unfortunately, after only a week, he has to face the truth : being a white supremacist isn’t for him.

“Least year, I kept on hearing about those white supremacist people”, Tobias says. “My life sucked really badly in 2017. Blame immigrants and people who are not white for my mistakes and their consequences seemed very tempting. I went to a conference to see what I was getting myself into. It really didn’t work out for me. Listen, I wanted to try. I like racism and ignorance just as much as the next person”.

Indeed, after attending only one meeting of the White Supremacist of America, Tobias vowed to never go back .

“All the guys attending the conference were the same”, Tobias remembers. “Sleazy, raging, repulsive, completely stupid… I saw myself in 25 years. It just made me want to run away. Listening to the supremacists saying that white people are better than anyone else was like trying to convince someone to become vegan by showing them rotten vegetables. I don’t want to turn like any of them. Actually, I blame the people at the rallies I went to for my failure. They really put me off being a white supremacist. It was a really traumatizing experience”.