Stop the World I Wanna to Get off Says the World

The World – Stop the world, I wanna to get off! This morning, the world has declared that it had had enough. The shock announcement comes after millennials complained on Twitter that the show Friends, which some of them are discovering on Netflix at the moment, was “transphobic,” “homophobic”, “fatshaming” and “sexist.”

“Enough is enough”, said the World this morning. “I didn’t know I could feel so heavy with the weight of snowflakes. I don’t want to do this anymore. The sound of their constant whining is driving me nuts. I tried to give Millennials a chance and refuse to believe the stereotypes about them. But this is too much. There isn’t a thing that won’t get them to complain. I’m giving up. I hope you’re happy, offended people everywhere”.

When questioned about its plans after retirement, the World explained that it wasn’t sure yet. But it involves being far away from a lot of people.

“Anything will be fine as long as there isn’t Twitter, Millennials or Political correctness”, the World explains. “Actually if I never had to read someone blaming randoms stuffs on immigrants, liberals or feminists, I wouldn’t complain either. I might end up alone on another galaxy, but right now that does seem like a very attractive option”