Gang of Meerkats Celebrate Their Last Crime With a Hug

San Bernardino, California – A gang of Meerkats is terrorizing the town of San Bernardino, California. Following their latest attack, they could be seen hugging each others to celebrate the destruction they caused.

“These are some of the most violent criminals this city has ever had to deal with”, Bruce Hopkins, the Sheriff of San Bernardino. “Their malice has no limit. When we first saw them running around in a pack, we thought that they were so cute. That was until we witnessed them destroy a 98 years old women’s wheelchair with a baseball bat. They are the cruelest creatures I have ever seen”.

In spite of San Bernardino’s police officers’ best efforts, the gangsters are still free in the streets, causing as much pain and sorrow as they can.

“We tried to stop them but unless we catch them red handed, there is not much we can do”, Sherrif Hopkins explains. “When we arrest one of them randomly, he never knows anything. He has never seen anything. They are though cookies, they won’t admit to anything. This morning, they had a young meerkat passing a test to join them. He trashed the city hall. It hurts to see them celebrate it and being unable to stop them”.