Selfie Sticks Caused The End of the Mayan Civilization

Peru – They had been doing new excavations for the last 6 months. Finally, Ernest Steurbourg, archaeologist and researcher at the Latin America Research Center of Utah, has been able to announce this morning that his team had finally discovered what had caused the end of the Mayan Civilization around 1000 years ago.

“Selfie sticks are to blame”, Ernest Steurbourg says. “There is very little doubt left. We have discovered tombs from about 100 years before the Mayans disappeared. We have found people buried with their selfie stick. It was a sign of wealth as only a small percentage of the population could afford a camera. We didn’t realise at first that those things were such an important part of the Mayans’ decline”.

Indeed, the object of envy seem to have caused the decline and even, eventually, the end of the empire.

“We are not sure how exactly”, Ernest says. “But it seems that the selfie sticks signed the end of the Mayan civilization. My team and I have discovered new paintings clearly putting the blame on it. We can only imagine that Mayans started to vlog themselves and didn’t pay enough attention to the predators and enemies surrounding them, which turned out to be fatal. Another theory is that selfie sticks theft created a wave of murders that slowly led to the death of one of the most prestigious civilization. The sad truth is that vanity caused the end of the Mayans”