Parents Raise Their Child Gender Optimist

San Francisco, California – Geneva and Donovan Wartrin, 35, had the joy to welcome their son Promise Rainbow three years ago. Since his birth, the parents raise their child gender optimist.

“It means that we raise him as a boy but allow him to play with dolls and kitchen toys”, Geneva says. “Yes, just like every other parent at the playgroups we go to. But I made a blog post about it. And I added a lot of very pretty pictures. So I think I am allowed to lecture people about something most of them already do. I even found a new name! Gender Optimism. It’s modern, over-positive and patronising… Everything to be a hit!”.

Creating Gender Optimism, Geneva shared on her blog the reasons that pushed her to invent that concept.

“The Instagram posts where I explain to people they must let their little boys play with dolls always gets me so many likes!”, Geneva says. “I can’t really say anyone tried to forbid my son to play with “girls” toys but that’s not the problem. It felt like someone might judge me for my decision so I had to write a blog post about it. I have big ideas too. At the moment, I am writing a book and filming a bunch of Youtube videos. I can’t wait to take credit for something people were already doing and making money out of it!”.