Model Does Not Come From a Celebrity’s Gamete

London, United Kingdom – Aubree Fergurson, 19 has received the great news today : she will walk down the runway during next London Fashion Week in February. The surprise is huge as she believed being a model was out of her reach.

“Neither of my parents are celebrities”, Aubree explains. “I really thought that I would never be a model. I had tried to find a connection to someone even vaguely famous but there was nothing. No grandparent in the film industry. No uncle who was in a boy band in the 90’s. Not even a removed cousin in a reality show. Nothing. I was so sad. I was sure that I would never become a model because of my lack of famous family members”.

Aubree wants her story to be an inspiration to everyone. To never give up when you want something.

“I was so upset, I almost tattooed “Nepotism Sucks” on my forehead”, Aubree says. “It’s a good thing I didn’t. After trying for only 4 years, I have finally got a job as a model. I am so happy. I want everyone who has a dream to remember my story. Even if you don’t fit the description. Especially if everything seems to go against you. You should never lose faith in your success. Everything can happen, even when the situation seems hopeless. I am the living proof of it”.