Man has Painfully Awkward Conversation With Time Traveller

Boston, Massachusetts – Reginald Bonapart, 36, just arrived back from a long day at work when someone suddenly appeared in front of his eyes. The man, claiming to be a time traveller, explained that he was coming from 1983.

“At first it was very exciting for both of us”, Reginald says. “He tried to explain to me how he managed to travel in time but I could not understand a thing. Obviously, he had many questions for me. He was surprisingly understanding about Angry Birds and selfie sticks”.

If things started well, it soon became clear the time traveller wasn’t too pleased with how the world had turned out.

“He asked me if we finally managed to stop wars”, Reginald explains. “I told him about the President’s Twitter battle with Kim Jong Un. I also told him they were threatening each others with nuclear attacks. He asked me “At least now people don’t vote for actors anymore? They vote for real politicians with knowledge and experience, do they?”.

Even though he knew that his new friend wouldn’t like the answer, Reginald gave it anyway.

“Reality Television. The Apprentice”, I said. After I had finished explaining to him what the Apprentice and reality shows were, he just stared at me in silence, his eye half full of despair, half full of judgement. He just stood up and left. I don’t know if he went back or went to jump of a bridge. The only thing I am sure of is that there was no hope left in this man”..