Man Lost Half of his Dignity in Only 3 Months

Columbia, Missouri – Aaron McFrad, 32, is now happier than he has ever been. Indeed, this man lost half of his anxiety and 16 IQ points just by the power of his determination.

“I had noticed recently that I had started to think too much”, Aaron explains. “It was weighing on my mind, I couldn’t function properly”.

His diet used to consist of a huge amount of books and scientific research leading McFrad to gain an unhealthy consciousness about the political and social events surrounding him.

“Whether it was about cancer or the government decisions, I had to know about it. I didn’t care what kind of information it was,” Aaron says.

After another weekend spent having one panic attack after another, Aaron decided that it was time to change his habits and lower his IQ.

“I sat down in front of the television and put on a random channel”, Aaron explains. “I can’t really remember what it was. All I know is that I started to watch everything I could find to lose some IQ points. In 6 weeks, I have binge watched the Kardashian. All of them. In New York, in Miami…”.

Even though it wasn’t easy, Aaron kept on getting out of bed every day early to go sit down on the sofa and reach his daily goal of television time.

“I have also watched all the Housewives of everywhere and literally every reality TV show I could find”, he says. “It’s wonderful, I have lost the ability to think. I feel so much better. Of course, there is always some side effects. I have lost a lot of my dignity and all my faith in humanity. But it was worth it! Because I can also say : this man lost half of his worries”.