English Youtuber Dead After Trying New Lipstick

Leeds, United Kingdom – Another Youtuber dead, killed by makeup excitement. The online community is remembering today Tara Liptovsko, the 25 years old Beauty Vlogger who died yesterday while broadcasting on Youtube a live review of new lipsticks she had received. The video, which has since been uploaded on another account, has already been seen 6 million times.

“So today, I am going to review a lot of pink lipsticks I received in my P.O. box”, Tara says at the beginning of the 56 seconds video. “I like this pink it’s so cute. And look at this one, it’s a slightly darker shade of pink, it’s so cute”.

Opening what will be the cause of her death, the Youtuber looks at the third pink lipstick in amazement for a few seconds.

“OMG, that pink! It’s so cute! I’m literally dying!”, Tara can be heard saying before dropping dead on camera.

Amanda Wompkins, one of her 276 000 subscribers is still shocked about what she witnessed.

“Everything was going well, like it usually does”, Amanda says. “Until she saw that lipstick… She got too excited and died, right there. It was a nice pink, I must say. We are all devastated but at least her last moments where happy. She was passionate about makeup. And she liked attention. She died doing her favourite things in the world”.