Emma Roberts’ Hair Overshadow Whatsherface’s Nobel Nomination

Oslo, Norway – A woman has been nominated yesterday to receive a Nobel prize in 2018. The announcement has been completely overshadowed by Emma Roberts’ hair at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

“Oh yes, I heard that a woman had been nominated, what’s her name again?”, Farrah Worra, a journalist, says. “We can’t really cover it though. Emma Roberts has cut her bangs really short and we really need to talk about that. If Whatsherface had a nice Instagram account with bikini pictures, we could mention her but it doesn’t seem to be the case”.

Janathan Martins, Woman Monthly Magazine’s chief editor, doesn’t plan to interview Whatsherface for the Woman of the Month column.

“We don’t really do that kind of things”, Janathan says. “The magazine aims to publish stories that uplift and inspire our readers. We highlight women who post videos about being proud of your curly hair on Youtube. Or those posting pictures in underwear on Instagram with an inspirational caption about accepting their bodies the way it is. Or women would have a lot of Youtube views after posting a makeup video. That kind of things. I am not sure where Whatsherface would fit. If she dyed her hair like a rainbow, maybe we could do something?”