Time’s Up Could Stop After Man Threatens to Never Flirt Again

Tioga, North Dakota – Last year has been marked by women speaking up against sexual harassment. The movement Time’s up was born. A new mentality that has made almost everyone happy. Quentin Zaver is one of the few people refusing to accept the change.

“We are living in a crazy society”, Quentin commented under some news article unrelated to sexual harassment. “You look at a women or talk to her, you’re in trouble. That is so unfair to men, we are the one who are harassed. You know what? From now on, I won’t flirt with any woman. That will teach them. This is all about man hating”.

Quentin spends his days complaining about women under every Yahoo News article he can find, no matter the subject. He is pretty sure that his threats will make women think again about this whole time’s up and sexual harassment thing.

“Please, can someone think of the women?”, Reese Wooter, one of Quentin’s colleagues says. “What will we do all day at work without Quentin’s witty comments about our bodies? I was ready to fight for my right to not be sexually harassed at work. But now that I have read that some men feel personally attacked by our cause, I am not so sure anymore… If men threaten to refuse to flirt with us at work and start treating us like we actually have a brain, I think it is a sign that we went too far. Let’s just forget about this”.