All of Donald Trumps’ Pancreases Work Says Dr. Ronny Jackson

Washington – Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House Doctor, has done the President’s first medical checkup. He has today publicly assured that Donald Trump has indeed an excellent health.

“I am a Doctor, you can trust me when I say the President is perfectly healthy”, Dr. Jackson says. “His height is 6ft 3in. He has the strongest fallopian tubes I have ever seen. He has 2 perfectly functioning pancreas. The three sides of his brain are in perfect condition. Actually, the Very Stable Genius part of the brain is really developed. I had never seen that before. I am impressed”

Dr. Ronny Jackson isn’t the only person trying to put an end to the rumors that Donald Trump has dementia. John Miller, Donald Trump’s publicist since 1991, called Fox News to confirm the President’s health is amazing.

“He is as healthy as a 20 years old, that I can tell you”, John Miller says. “Everybody calls me and tell me “John, how does the best President of the United State ever stay so healthy and fit”. Women call me to arrange a date with him. A lot of women. Beautiful and intelligent women who want to date a healthy and handsome man like the President. I, as a person who knows Donald Trump really well, can assure you that he is very healthy in his head and his body”.