There is an Elephant in The Room in Washington

Washington – The owners of the Room, in Washington, have spent millions of dollars to redecorate the place at the end of 2016. Since it reopened in January 2017, a rumor is spreading fast : there is an elephant in the Room.

“There is absolutely no such thing in here”, Frederic Growdfer, one of the owners, says. “People who pretend there is an elephant in the Room are liars. They are trying to ruin our reputation because they are jealous. Since the renovation, the Room is the most amazing place in Washington and probably the United States. Actually, it’s the best place in the world! Anyone saying otherwise should just be ignored”.

Terry Strosty, one of the people who say they have seen the elephant in the Room is now trying to warn other people.

“I saw it”, Terry says. “Why would I lie about that? If you have a look in the Room you’ll see it. It’s crazy, it doesn’t belong there and it is gonna cause a lot of damage if we don’t do something fast. I have no idea why some people refuse to see it, they look the other way on purpose. Maybe they would rather ignore the elephant in the Room than admit they have been fooled by the owners. I don’t know, it is just weird that so many people chose to ignore it”.