James Doesn’t Know why People are Sad About David Bowie’s Death

Simmesport, Louisiana – Many fans are celebrating today the memory and birthday of David Bowie. The singer and artist sadly passed away a year ago. James Macnaffee, who wasn’t particularly a fan of his, insists that there is no reason to be sad about it or to publicly mourn him.

“It was like that last year already after he passed away”, James says. “I don’t get it! Why are people so sad about someone that they never met dying? I dont care if their music was part of their childhood and teenage years or if they really admired them. I don’t understand why people think differently from me and I intend to argue with every person who post a RIP or mention their sadness”.

After offering his unwanted opinion in the comments under several of his friends’ Facebook posts honoring the memory of their idol, James has ended up fighting with most of them. It didn’t make him change his mind.

“My vision is the best and I have a lot of time to enforce it on everybody”, James adds. “I could just let people live their life the way they want but where is the fun? I am emotionally superior to a lot of people and I need everyone on Internet to know it”.