Woman Wants Native Americans to Shut up Already About Columbus

Longview, Texas – Ellen Young, 46, would never have believed that an innocent post about Christopher Columbus would create such a drama on her Facebook wall.

“I was feeling grateful to live in our country so I posted a little message to say thank you to Christopher Columbus”, Ellen recalls. “Honestly, I thought it would makes me look good. I was hoping that people would think that I was really patriotic. There were two or three positive comments. Then someone had to mention Native Americans and what happened to them because of Columbus. I was so upset. It totally ruined my moment”.

After the discussion reached more than 2000 comments, Ellen deleted her message. But she still refuses to admit that there is anything wrong with being grateful for a mass murderer who never even set a foot in what is now known as America.

“I don’t want to mourn on Thanksgiving”, Ellen says. “I want to be fucking thankful for all the money I have, the freedom, the health… Native American should do the same. We let them stay after all. Seriously, we have enough problems with all the foreigners coming in the country stealing our jobs and our lands. Endangering our culture. We can’t keep on talking about something that happened hundreds of year ago about which nobody feels even slightly sorry about it”.