SM Session Ruined After Woman has Weird Thoughts

Kosciusco, Mississippi – Last month, Josie Ann Marcier was in the middle of her weekly session of SM. When suddenly, it was ruined by a weird thought passing Josie Ann’s mind before she could stop it.

“We were dressed and ready for our fun time”, Josie Ann recalls. ” As I was approaching my husband, I looked through the window and saw a labrador. My mother loves labradors! I then started to ask myself when was the last time I called my mom. Did I ever say thank you for everything she has done for me? I used to be such a horrible teenager. Maybe, I should make up for it now that I am grown up. I don’t know if it is a sign of the time passing but I do understand my mother more and more every day. Before I knew it, the whole SM session was ruined and I was putting my turtleneck sweater back on”.

Josie Ann is happy as the whole day wasn’t lost though.

“I called my mother and we had a great talk”, Josie Ann says. ” So everything wasn’t lost. The bad news is that I can never have SM sex with my husband as I see my mother’s face instead of his every time we have tried since. Which is a shame as it was the only thing keeping us together. I wish I never saw that dog”.