Microsoft Bing Search New Features You Won’t Find in Google

Redmond, Washington – Microsoft has announced last week that they would launch a new version of Bing Search. The upgraded Search Engine will offer features that are not available with Google and probably never will be.

‘It is hard to compete with Google Search”, Brandon Morrison, a Spokesman for Bing, says. “But we can assure people a totally different experience than the one the other search engines have to offer. Get ready to be blown away by new concepts. Out of fashion, cheap looking, complicated.. These are a few of the features Bing search is the only one to offer”.

Following the wild success of TV shows or Fashion trends from the 90’s, Microsoft hopes that Bing Search will get a second life.

“It is almost like travelling back in time”, Brandon explain. “Each search will take up to a minute and we have added the dial-up noise that Modems used to do. It should make nostalgic people all happy and fuzzy inside. Most of the people we questioned about the new features were really surprised at first, as they no idea our search engine still existed. But once we showed them the proof we were not playing a prank on them, they were really positive about the idea”.