Black Dresses at Golden Globes is the Best Way to Protest Says Expert

Los Angeles, California – Next Monday will be a big day for the actors and actresses attending the Golden Globes. This year though, it won’t be only about celebrating the best in Film and Television. Many actresses have planned to wear a black dress to protest against harassment at work. This comes after a year of scandals about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

“Using a dress is an amazing way to show that women are not accessories”, says Paloma Dormouth, who teaches Feminism and Women’s Right’s History in Iowa. “They could have decided to wear trousers or use their words to express their thoughts and opinions. But I am happy that they chose to go with the colour of their dresses. It sends a strong message, just like getting naked or wearing a specific colour of lipstick”.

According to Paloma, women can protest in their every day life too, to help prove that they are more than stereotypes only there for decoration.

“We can demand the respect that we deserve and ask to be taken seriously”, Paloma explains. “You could change the brand of cleaning product you use or switch meat and fish days when you cook. All those little things that will definitely help put an end to harassment at work, just as much as wearing a black dress will”.