Guy’s Date Fights Urge to Scream About Biking Through Life Together

Jackson, Mississippi – Lola Willis was enjoying her first date with Andre when she almost ruined the whole day by yelling poetry about love being the bike that would take them through the race that life is.

“The afternoon had been so nice until that point”, Lola says. “Andre offered to take me on a bike ride and I accepted. It was so fun and romantic. After 5 minutes we were going really fast down a little hill. I don’t know if it was because of the wind in my hair, the fact that I was holding him or just the speed. But I suddenly felt the urge to yell poetry about bikes, life, love and red roses. I wanted to compare our love to the Tour de France. It was so embarrassing”.

Determined not to lose her chance with her hunky date, Lola fought with everything she had.

“I made a fart joke instead”, Lola explains. “As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I regretted it bitterly. But I must be lucky, Andre laughed and we were able to finish the ride around the park. I don’t think that he realised what had almost happened. He asked me on a second date, so that’s good. I’ll try to suggest something slower for next time. Maybe Nordic Walk?”.