Amanda Denies That No Woman Ever Sat Down in That Position

Los Angeles, California – Amanda Gherquin, the Instagram star who has more then 600 thousands followers, has been accused of posting fake pictures in position no woman ever sat down in.

“It gets the bar too high”, Julie Wulven, one of her fans, says. “It sets expectations other women can’t live up to. Women think that they should have a friend to sit upside down in the sofa with, roaring with laughter. They feel like failures when they realise that they do not have that kind of friendships in their life. Men expect to come home to find their girlfriends in that position with a hot friend. They are disappointed when they realise it will never be a reality. Amanda’s pictures create so many problems. I wish she stopped and posted more realistic pictures”.

Drying her tears, Amanda denies the allegations in a video she posted this morning, during her daily yoga session in underwear.

“I have no idea what people are talking about”, Amanda says. “My friend and I always sit down like that. That’s what girls do. We also have pillow fights. Awkward silences with eye contact that last a bit too long. Fits of laughter upside down on a sofa. It happens all the time. I don’t get why people say we sell fantasies to get followers and sponsors! It couldn’t be further from the truth!”