Parents So Happy Their Son has Decided to Shave his Dreadlocks

Plainville, Connecticut – Arthur Jillians, 16, has decided to shave his Dreadlocks in a few days. A way to mark the start of a New Year. His parents are over the moon to hear about it.

“We are so happy”, Tisha, his mother, says. “Honestly, we are not racists, but  you have to understand us. We were embarrassed. Nobody wants to have the son who believes he is an oppressed Rastafarian when he is a white boy born and raised in a small town in Connecticut. He actually genuinely believes that Ras Trent is a real artist and he admired him. It was making us cringe so hard”.

Arthur’s haircut was the talk of the community. His parents are now relieved to know they can move forward and leave that phase behind them.

“He looked ridiculous”, Martin, his father, says. “Every time we crossed a black person, I could see in their eyes the judgement. We failed as parents. We were raising a privileged child who was guilty of cultural appropriation. And it was getting expensive. Obviously, we couldn’t really tell him that we didn’t like it or he would have kept it longer just to rebel against us. We are so happy he decided by himself to get rid of his dreadlocks. Now, we have to be careful not to show it too much or he might change his mind”.