Moms of America Create First Political Correctness Battles Tournament

Thomaston, Connecticut – Moms of America is an the association lobbying to protect children under 21 years old from violence, sex, drugs and Meerkats in Television and Music. They do believe that being nice is cool and they are ready to do whatever it takes to convert America’s youth. Even creating a political correctness battles tournament.

“We might be mothers, but we are still hip and cool”, Josie Macfallon, 42, says. “We like to dance, joke, have fun, just like the teenagers we are hoping will join our Tournament. Political correctness is the new rebellion”.

The event will take place in the summer this year and has the purpose to promote kindness and conservative values.

“We want to show young people that you can have fun while being nice”, Josie says. “During the day, there will be battles. Everything will be allowed, as long as it makes the other person feel good, loved and promotes respect. We are obviously going to take part in the tournament with the teenagers to show them that we are cool. I have a bunch of “yo Mama’s so nice”, “yo sista’s so virtuous” and “yo Dada’s raised you so well” jokes ready for the occasion. I can’t wait to use them! To finish the day, there will be a few Christian Rock bands doing a concert. It’s gonna be so much fun and wild!”.